Aug 31 2010

More fun classic rock from Noisy Puppet

Even though buttercup formed in the early nineties, their sound is definitively mid-70s. This track brings back the feeling of cruising around town with the AM radio station blasting. Elements of Big Star, and the Byrds can be heard in the intricate guitar work and brilliant pop song form. The vocal hooks are a pleasure to sing, and the guitar licks flow like the butter in the band’s name. Watch the game-play preview trailer below and get the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Aug 9 2010

The video game download from the soundtrack to the book

TV shows based on comic books, breakfast cereals based on cartoons, movies based on video games, video games based on TV shows… crossing into a new medium has always helped us enjoy experiences we love in new ways. “Hey Satomi” is a song by a fictitious band, The Bungles, who come to life in the new book, “Rules To Rock By”, by Josh Farrar. Now, for the first time, you can play the parts of the characters in a book in Rock Band as you live out your own rock star fantasy. “Hey Satomi” is available on the official soundtrack to the book.

“Hey Satomi” will keep a drummer busy on the toms, while challenging you to put the kick pedal down in the right places. The guitar part is one of the coolest and toughest guitar parts you’ll find without needing a shredding solo in the middle. You can sing along with real-life teenager Justine Skyers on the catchy vocal lines, or you can play the part of the book’s star character and pick up the bass. However you tackle this song you and your band-mates will end up with smiles on your faces, just like the characters in the book.

Jul 19 2010

Two classic black metal tracks from Emperor released in Rock Band

Emperor's Inferno Live albumToday not one, but two songs, “Curse You All Men (Live)” and “Inno A Satana (Live)”, are available for download on Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360. Both tracks are from Emperor’s 2009 double CD album release “Live Inferno”, also sold with an accompanying DVD featuring video of the live performance.

These tracks will put you through the ringer on every instrument. It’s a struggle to survive, but once you master these tracks you have lived through one of the most intense, powerful, rock game-play ever seen. The guitar charts in both songs are a torture session that seems to never end. And the Expert drum chart in “Curse You…” is the most difficult challenge ever seen in a music video game. You may need a friend to play the kick drum pedal for you, just to play half the hits from the live performance.

Free demos of “Curse You All Men (Live)” and “Inno A Satana (Live)” are available to Xbox LIVE members. See how tame the rest of your library feels after you attempt these songs.

Emperor are the Norwegian black metal of lore. When attention first focused on Norway’s almost cartoonishly violent black metal scene in the mid-’90s, most of the critical accolades were bestowed upon Emperor, whose musical innovations have had more impact on the genre than any other band. While their music can be furious and violent, the group is also influenced by the darkly majestic melodies of Norwegian folk and classical music, which very effectively supports their lyrical subject matter. Emperor evoke not only Satanic horror, but also the frigid loneliness of bleak Scandinavian winters; additionally, images of pagan nature worship recalled an ancient, idealized pre-Christian past in which Scandinavian culture was one of the world’s most dominant (resulting in the sound being tagged “Viking metal” by some).

Jul 13 2010

Norma Jean’s new album released along with three songs in RBN

Norma Jean's "Meridional"Today, Norma Jean’s new alum, Meridional, hit the stores today, and is accompanied by a three pack of tracks on the Rock Band Network. “Deathbed Atheist”, “Leaderless and Self Enlisted”, and “The Anthem of the Angry Brides” are now available for download on Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360. All three of these tracks are heavy and intense to the point where it feels like something is about to break. It might be the strum bar on your guitar controller, so don’t get too carried away. Play these songs loud and warn the neighbors.

Xbox LIVE members, download free demos and try these songs now and try them out when you get home.

Deathbed Atheist

Leaderless and Self Enlisted

The Anthem of the Angry Brides