May 13 2010

Like A Storm’s debut in Rock Band available today!

Like A Storm on Rock Band

“Chemical Infatuation” was released today on the Rock Band Network. This is the single from the album The End of the Beginning, by New Zealand rockers, Like A Storm. The intoxicating refrain is likely to stay etched in the listener’s head forever just after one listen.

Download the FREE demo and experience this great sounding song today!

May 12 2010

Another Noisy Puppet product available on PS3

Mayday Parade’s “When I Get Home You Are So Dead” is being released as downloadable content for Rock Band 2 on the Playstation 3 platform. This the second RBN song authored by Noisy Puppet to be released on the Playstation. Members of the Playstation Network can purchase the song in the Playstation Store tomorrow.

To date this is the only song in the Rock Band Network selling for $3. This has caused a lot of controversy among gamers, but hasn’t hurt sales too much. “When I Get Home You Are So Dead” was released on the Xbox 360 on March 25th of this year. It is one of the top user-rated songs in the RBN Store on that platform.

May 4 2010

Like A Storm coming soon to Rock Band Network

Noisy Puppet is proud to announce the release of a new Rock Band track from New Zealand rockers Like A Storm. “Chemical Infatuation” will be released soon through the Rock Band Network. This was last summer’s radio single release off their album “The End Of The Beginning”, for the Prospect Park label.
“Chemical Infatuation” is the perfect introduction to the band. Lead singer Chris Brooks explains the song “captures all the elements of Like A Storm. It’s a heavy and ambient journey.” He continues: “The first riff comes in like a sledgehammer right into your skull. The riff sets the tone for this dark place of addiction and obsession.”
This song offers a challenge on every instrument as the crafty arrangement is revealed. Don’t relax on drums just because the verse beats are simple. The fills will take your crowd meter into the red!
Here’s a sneak preview of the song in Peer Review.