Jun 15 2010

Two New Bang Camaro Songs Hit RBN

Bang Camaro

Two new Bang Camaro songs have just been released in the Rock Band Network. “Nightlife Commando” and “Bang Camaro” will challenge even expert guitar players as they shred through the riffing, noodling, and solos of epic proportions. You can’t call yourself a serious Rock Band guitarist until you have mastered these songs. Free demos of “Nightlife Commando” and “Bang Camaro” are available for download on the Xbox 360. Check them out today!

Jun 8 2010

Another Noisy Puppet production released in Rock Band Network

Surprise Album Art“Surprise”, by Boston indie rockers Verse Versus Chorus has been released in the Rock Band Network for Xbox 360. A FREE demo can be downloaded from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace here.

This is a strum-driven song with dramatic ups and downs that’s fun to sing and a blast to crank through on any other instrument. If you get familiar with the guitar part, the bass part will astound you. The song gains intensity as it goes along, so if you’re having a hard time, save some overdrive for the end.

Jun 3 2010

Noisy Puppet brings more Drive-By Truckers to Rock Band

“This F***ing Job” by Drive-By Truckers is now available in Rock Band! the Drive-By Truckers released their tenth album in 2010, THE BIG TO-DO, to some of the best reviews of their career. Their new song joins their existing downloadable content, “3 Dimes Down” from the album, Brighter Than Creation’s Dark.

“This F**king Job” is the first single from the album. This song rolls with a relentlessly solid rhythm and a blasting guitar riff from that kicks in right at the beginning of the track. Once you get your fingers around the main riff, you’re halfway there, but don’t relax until you’re past the solo!

The bass part starts out tough with some fast-walking parts, but gets easier toward the end—so don’t be afraid to use up your Overdrive as soon as you need it.

Xbox LIVE members can Download a free demo here.