Norma Jean’s new album released along with three songs in RBN

Norma Jean's "Meridional"Today, Norma Jean’s new alum, Meridional, hit the stores today, and is accompanied by a three pack of tracks on the Rock Band Network. “Deathbed Atheist”, “Leaderless and Self Enlisted”, and “The Anthem of the Angry Brides” are now available for download on Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360. All three of these tracks are heavy and intense to the point where it feels like something is about to break. It might be the strum bar on your guitar controller, so don’t get too carried away. Play these songs loud and warn the neighbors.

Xbox LIVE members, download free demos and try these songs now and try them out when you get home.

Deathbed Atheist

Leaderless and Self Enlisted

The Anthem of the Angry Brides

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