Day Of Fire debuts in Rock Band

Lately by Day Of FireDay Of Fire have collaborated with Noisy Puppet to bring the heavy groove of “Lately” to the Rock Band Network. This track has some tricky guitar parts in the choruses, and the kind of solo that real plastic guitar experts love. If you’re tackling the drums, it may take you a few runs through before you learn where to deploy your overdrive for maximal effect. Some of the authored drum fills might take you down. The bass part rolls just like the guitar with some busy figures and a heavy groove. And don’t worry, vocalists. There are plenty of fun vocal hooks to sing.

This track is from Day of Fire’s third album LOSING ALL, a powerful hard-rock record that explores the real meaning of rebirth. For Day of Fire, LOSING ALL isn’t about despair and endings, but hope and fresh starts.
“Lately” is the first single off the album – a churning swirl of riffy metal, that features the growling, ‘Memories cutting like a razor blade/Pushin’ through the pain ’til it fades away.’ So what’s the song really about? “Just letting go of all the crap, man,” Brown says. Simms, who wrote the chorus on the way to a European show during a time of business turmoil, calls the track “a release for me,” and explains, “It’s about letting go of the things that have been clouding your mind, and hopefully will give people a reason to chase their dreams that may have been shattered by someone telling them that they could never achieve it.”

Lately is available today in the “Rock Band Network Store” on Rock Band for Xbox 360. Click here to hear an audio preview and buy the track online.

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