Noisy Puppet Studios works with premier labels and bands by developing and selling top quality downloadable content for ROCK BAND® video games. We leverage the Rock Band Network, an open platform for creating and selling song content through an in-game store.

Noisy Puppet offers a full authoring service, which includes charting the game-play for all of a song’s playable parts, programming character animations, and designing lighting and cinematography for the in-game venue. We also provide extensive quality assurance testing, and we manage the song throughout the online playtesting process and peer review. We guarantee that all our output will be approved for sale.

We also offer a tape transfer service and a sound-alike mixing service for cases where the original release was recorded on analog equipment.

Everyone at Noisy Puppet Studios is a musician and an ardent music fan. We have toured in the United States, The UK, and Europe with acts like Chumbawumba, The John Spencer Blues Explosion, Girls Against Boys, The Swirlies, Polvo, and many more. We have recorded many hours of music ourselves, and worked with such greats as Adam Green, Mary Timony, and Grammy Award winning producer Garret “Jackknife” Lee.

Everyone at Noisy Puppet is also a game industry professional. Founder Jeremy Parker worked at Harmonix Music Systems before leaving to start Noisy Puppet. The passion he put into developing every one of the Rock Band series of games is the same passion he puts into each piece of content we craft today.

Noisy Puppet was personally trained by Harmonix in a three-day Masters Class and started developing content in the internal Alpha in May 2009. Noisy Puppet is included in the prestigious “Recommended Authors List” that Harmonix maintains. Most importantly, the quality of our work speaks for itself.

Noisy Puppet Studios has the audio engineering expertise to make your material sound its best, and the Rock Band experience to develop the best game experience possible.

For a free consultation, email info@noisypuppet.com.